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Interdisziplinäres Musik-Tanz-Kollektiv

As a collective we are inspired to engage in group processes that allow an open hearted and constructive way of working together. Dance and music improvisation is the practice in which we come together and explore ways of connecting, taking decision, allowing, and giving space to another and sharing responsibility on and off stage. The “TUNING SCORES” of US dance-maker Lisa Nelson and Passing Through technique of David Zambrano were the starting points of our research in the initial performances: we took the scores and improvisational elements of these two methods, and we merged them into a new vocabulary applied for both musicians and dancers. Our work methods consist of many different sets of improvisation, followed by reflections and discussions, to constantly modify and re-arrange our modalities of improvising to sharpen the method, technics, and cooperation. 
Tuning Collective seeks for researching in this and other constellations of dancers and musician in different situations for a prolonged amount of time. In this way, we wish to dive deep into our collaboration and sensing of one another, to develop a strong base of improvisation to be applied in different scenarios, spaces and site-specific locations.
Anna Simonsmeier, Darya Myasnikova, Emmanuel Große, Jonas Kaltenbach, Lidia Jarecka, Luca Hohmann, Natacha Hüfken, Sebastian Varra

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